Our Jerky

The base is pork loin from the Parma and San Daniele ham supply chain, free of antibiotics and in compliance with animal welfare.
We have decided not to use preserves or additives to preserve our dried meat, but we have implemented control in the production phases thanks to an internal analysis laboratory and careful sanitization of work environments with the support of ozonation.
Our products are allergen free.
Our sachets weigh 25 grams, perfect for a snack. Being practically free of carbohydrates and sugars, very rich in proteins (58.4% !!!) it is an excellent protein snack.
Thanks to the technology used, our products can be stored at room temperature, up to 25 ° C, for seven months from the date of packaging.
They are available in two formats:

  • Counter displays of 25 sachets
  • Strips to hang from 14 sachets each
Coppiette Snack Tradizionale

Coppiette “Tradizionale” flavor

We started from tradition for our first dry meat recipe.
During the Transhumance the shepherds used to spice the meat with local spices: salt, rosemary, garlic, wild fennel, black pepper and chilli.
The result is a present, but not aggressive spiciness characterized by a pleasant spiciness given by the cayenne pepper. Spices and aromas blend together creating a perfect balance.

Coppiette “Smoked Paprika” flavor

During the Transhumance the shepherds used to dry the meat on the chimney, giving a pleasant aroma of smoked. We wanted to try to restore the original scent of dried shepherds’ meat with this recipe.
The recipe uses Sarawak black pepper and Hungarian smoked sweet paprika. A slight smoky sensation is due to the spice, giving character and elegance to the product.

Coppiette Snack Delicato

Coppiette “Delicato” flavor

Traveling and tasting gastronomic delicacies from all over the world, we tasted a fantastic product: the Belgian “Blanche” beer, made from unmalted wheat with coriander and orange peel.
We tried to reconstruct the spicy aroma of the yeast with Muntok white pepper, then with the coriander and orange peel we created a pleasant citrus sensation.

Carne Secca Tradizionale
Carne Secca Delicato
Carne Secca Smoked Paprika

Coppiette “One Shot” flavor

We like to experiment, always try new recipes and involve our consumers in our tests.
Once a month we offer our Dried Meat with special spices, innovative marinades or recipes from gastronomic traditions from all over the world using also innovative ingredients.

Carne Secca One Shot
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