25 italian jerky

La nostra storia

How the “25 Snack The Italian Jerky” project was born

We are a small family business based in Nepi, on the border between Viterbo and Rome, in the Tuscia area.

When we were children, our grandmother in Redondesco, in the Mantua area, raised and butchered one pig a year and then made salami. This tradition and memory have inspired us in our project.

Traveling around the world for work, we observed international consumption habits and production and conservation techniques, beginning to imagine a space for an Italian version of dried meat.

Exploring the Italian territory we got to know the pork-butchery traditions of all our country.

The most important journey is starting now: the one in the perfumes, aromas and spices that we will use to characterize our production.

And so we decided to open the first Italian company dedicated to the world of dried meat.

Our Vision

Three fundamental points distinguish our project:

  • raw material from Italian supply chain, from breeders, antibiotics free, born / raised / high-grade / sectioned in Italy, in compliance with animal welfare
  • we do not use additives in the preparation, such as nitrites, nitrates and ascorbates
  • traditional or local product

From the land to … 25 The Italian Jerky

We have chosen to use only pork from pigs born, bred and raised in Italy. The breed is the Gran Suino Padano, a cross studied ad hoc for ham, the fruit of a Duroc male and Landrace or Large White females. This type of pork guarantees the quality of the raw material, being the same supply chain as Prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele. The cut of meat chosen is the Arista, the noblest and leanest part of the pork.

The meat, once degreased and filleted by hand, is spiced and left to rest until the tanning is completely absorbed.

We have chosen not to use additives such as Nitrites and Nitrates, preferring to focus on monitoring production with the company’s internal laboratory tools.

Once the spicing process is finished, the strips of meat are hung one by one on special trolleys to allow perfect drying.

Drying is a process that takes place at a low temperature and for many hours. The lower the temperature and the longer the drying time, the more the meat retains its aromatic characteristics. It takes time to do good things ….

After the drying phase, the dried meat strips are cut into pieces and packaged in single-dose bags that allow the product to be stored outside the refrigerator.

Thus was born “25 The Italian Jerky”.

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