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The Italian Jerky

We are a small family business based in Nepi, on the border between Viterbo and Rome. When we were children, our grandmother in Redondesco, Mantua, raised and slaughtered one pig a year and then made cured meats. This tradition and memory inspired us in our project. Traveling around the world for work we observed international consumption habits and production and conservation techniques, beginning to imagine a space for an Italian version of dried meat. the butchery traditions of all our country.

The most important journey is starting now: the one in the perfumes, aromas and spices that we will use to characterize our production.

Who We Are
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25 Snack: The Italian Jerky

The dried meat, a nomadic tradition

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Carbonara day

celebriamo il carbonara day: quando la ricetta si sposa con 25 snack!

Dried meat around the world

What is the difference between the various dried meat traditions? Let’s find out together in this article

Biltong: the South African dried meat

From the Khoisan people to the Afrikaners, the South African tradition of dried meat: the biltong.

Jerky: the American dried meat

From conquistadors to explorers of the new world: dried meat in the history of the Americas

BBQ and Forest: One Shot of the month of February

The one shot of February 2021: BBQ and Forest. the American tradition of sauces and the Italian tradition of speck.

Coppiette: the dried meat by the Transumanza

From the Arab tradition of Musciska del Gargano, to the Coppiette in Central Italy through the shepherds’ Transhumance

Premiata Salumeria Italiana

Parlano di noi, 25 snack. della carne secca, dell’Italiana jerky, delle coppiette snack e dello snack proteico su Premiata Salumeria Italiana, un prestigioso magazine di settore.

Musciska: Arabian dried meat in Puglia

Musciska: Arabian dried meat in Puglia. The Gargano goat and Arab influences in the Italian culinary tradition

The pemmican in history: the dried meat war

The pemmican war, the dried meat of arctic explorations and the survival ration during the Boer war.

The Pemmican: the dried meat of North America

The story of the pemmican, the dried meat of north america. From the Cree, Sioux, Lakota, to leather traders and arctic explorations

I Nostri Prodotti

The Italian Jerky

You Choose Your Cuts

From Our Distinct Range

Meabhy Farms had remained committed to making things differently since 1993 when our originators tried game meat

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25 Snack: The Italian Jerky

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