Natural dried meat free of nitrites, nitrates, ascorbates

Why the choice of natural dried meat.

Studies by cancer research associations have shown that some additives may contribute to the creation of carcinogenic particles. We are talking about nitrates and nitrites, known on the label as E249, E250, E251, E252.

Nitrates and nitrites are naturally present in many foods (beets, spinach, water, turnips, etc.) to a much higher extent than that permitted by law as an additive in the production of food products.

Nitrates, which are harmless in themselves, can be converted into nitrites with the action of the salivary glands. Nitrites, during digestion and in the absence of ascorbates (E300, E301 and vitamin C in general), can convert into nitrous acid. Nitrous acid in an acidic environment such as the stomach can add up to amines (molecules present in protein-rich products such as cured meats, meats, cheeses, etc.). Thus, particles called nitro-samines are born. Conversion can also take place in high-temperature cooking, such as frying.

Nitro-samines are carcinogenic. The ascorbates, therefore the vitamin C, naturally present in vegetables, performs the important function of inhibiting the fusion of nitrous acid with the amines, hence the creation of nitro-samines.

Nitrites are traditionally used to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

We prefer to let nature do the proportion of nitrites, nitrates and ascorbates. The dried meat of 25 Snack does not use any type of artificial additive, only a careful selection of the meat, a lot of cleaning, an internal analysis laboratory and a meticulous control of the various production phases. In the ingredients you will find only Italian pork, salt, spices and natural flavors (garlic and orange are not classified as spices).

That’s why we are talking about natural dried meat.

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