Carne secca naturale

Oxygen Absorber

Why did we decide to use Oxygen Absorber?

We wanted a quality salami that could be stored out of the refrigerator.

We wanted smart packaging that was easy to carry around.

In 2017 we started the research activities in the laboratory to understand how to obtain the result. After two years of research we have created the first 25 Snack package. We used a highly technological film for packaging, an internal production analysis laboratory, a gas mixture designed to preserve our dried meat.

We were the first in Italy to use Oxygen Absorber / Scavenger technology to implement the conservation of our products.

They are tablets containing iron powder and sodium chlorite and perform a very important function: they attract oxygen particles to themselves by oxidizing and preventing the meat from undergoing oxidative effects.

On the pack of 25 Snacks there is an indication not to eat the sachets and on the Oxygen Absorber itself the wording is reported.

Thanks also to this technology we have managed to avoid the use of chemical additives such as nitrites, nitrates and ascorbates for preservation.

Oxygen Absorber


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