Our Pastirma!

Our Pastirma 

Eight months of rehearsals and adjustments.

Eight months of selection of breeds, cuts and maturings.

Our philosophy requires us to use only 100% Italian raw materials.

Thanks to the support and knowledge of Roberto Liberati of the Bottega Liberati in Rome, we have identified the right cut and the perfect animal: cotrogirello di Bue Grasso di Carrù, a 5-year-old animal raised in the wild in the Cuneo area.

It is an adult bovine with a white coat, which is castrated within eight months of age to promote the weight gain of the animal. It can well exceed the ton and takes the name of ox only after four years of life.

It is very important for the animal to fatten slowly and in a balanced way, so that it can reach its complete maturity in times that coincide with its maximum beauty.

These are imposing animals, with truly colossal dimensions, which can even exceed 1,400 kilograms in weight.

Its diet must be based on natural products, preferably administered dry. Hay, corn, bran, soy, broad beans, barley, are the main components of its diet, which can be enriched with a mineral and vitamin supplement.

We did not use additives such as nitrites, nitrates, ascorbates.

And so we made the dried meat according to the Turkish / Armenian tradition.

After careful salting, we wrapped the meat in a glaze of 13 different spices including garlic and fenugreek. The aging took its course until we thought it was ready …. and finally we tasted it!

Reminiscent of a bresaola in consistency, but with all the aromas of oriental spices, penetrate the meat giving it a unique aroma.

Now we are working to find the perfect match: natural wine, cider, craft beer … and also in the kitchen.

It’s hard work, but we do it for you! 😀 


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